Saturday, March 16, 2013

Painting With A Twist!

Last Sunday my daughter and I attended a surprise birthday party for my Babe's sister who turned 76!!  It was at Painting with a Twist!

The room was set up with tables and easles for everyone!
Finally the birthday girl arrived!  She was really surprised!
And then, we started painting!!

We all painted the same picture with instructions given by the teacher/artist at the front of the room.

My Daughter!
The birthday girl! 
All of us!  Who were equally challenged!
I debated throwing mine out on the freeway on the way home!  Instead I took it to work and have it "proudly" displayed in my cubicle!
We had a GREAT time!  It was really a relaxing and fun experience!  If you want to go with a group of friends check out their website.  They are located all over the country!

Manic Mother

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