Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Arrived! Damaged!

Yes after waiting for it's arrival, the store called and said it had a 12 in scratch on the top!  I went to see it and decided not to reorder, even with an additional 25% off they offered, but to continue looking for something else.  Something taller.  This was on 19 inches tall.

It is HARD to find an appropriate tv/media table for a room with odd dimensions.  I have looked EVERYWHERE.  The one's I have found that I LOVE cost over $500!!  Not happening here!

But what did my wondering eyes find, again at Kirkland's??


Now storage is always a consideration for me in my little house, but this console table I think will work great!  Which color do you think I ordered????

1 comment:

8)(8 said...

I don't know? They are both pretty!