Friday, August 10, 2012

Wax Warmers

My trip home was "Sent"sational!

From seeing my family

To seeing and visiting with childhood friends!
Most enjoyable was staying with my girlfriend in her GORGEOUS Home!
And the fragerance!  Wow!  It was so calming and relaxing!  She uses these candle warmers in every room of her beautiful home!  I would constantly tell her how GOOD her home smelt!!  She told me Walmart!  The photos above are two of the three candle warmers I purchased as SOON as I got home!  I have been using the Kirkland oil burners, with Magnolia my favorite,  but now, I'm SOLD on these!  They make your home smell sooooooo good for a fraction of the cost!!!  Try them and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  The burners are $15 and the wax only $2!!!  Thank you Glinda for your warm hospitality and yet again, another "decor" ideal to bring back to my home!!  Love you lady!

Have a great weekend!!


Soul Pretty said...

hum, I've never heard of them...will look for them the next time I'm in the mart...

Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

Soul Pretty they smell wonderful!!!