Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Few Of My Goodwill Finds!

This is one of my most recent purchases I shared in a previous post.  I recently discovered a new decorating area under the glass of my kitchen table!  Especially for large round platters!  I plan to add additional fall decor in the center and place there.
I purchased this fish platter a couple of months ago.  It it absolutely beautiful!  This photo does not do it justice!  I have it proudly displayed in a corner on my kitchen counter.  The orange color adds a bit of pizzaz to my kitchen.


I purchased this white fish platter last year.  Right after I painted my kitchen cabinet white.  It sits ontop of my black small microwave.  The white and black look good together.  It comes in handy for steaks, fried fish and other meat when a platter is needed.

This is the 1st platter I purchased when I made the discovery to put SOMETHING under my kitchen glass table top.  I had visioned something round and large.  But this was $5!  It was not round but it was large and beautiful!  I looked it up online and it originally cost $65!  The colors looked so good and especially with my new recovered french script chairs

This was found AFTER the platter above.  It was round, large and in charge!!  And, it was also $5!!  I too was retail, after searching onlne for $50!!  It is currently uner my kitchen table glass top!  I love it!

This is actually chip and dip bowl/platter.  Very festive.  Not sure how I will use it to decorate for fall, but it will definitley be used for entertainment!  Cost $4.

Aren't this leaves adorable? They are thin ceramic and very colorful. Not sure what I will do with them! They were $2. I try not t pay more than $5 for a purchase depending on what it is.


Another recent purchase, 2 white bowls.  Most of my dinnerware is white.  I got 2 bowls fifty cents each.  Love!

This little lined white clip on linen lamp shade was $2.  I didn't need it, well I didn't NEED any of these things, but I bought it anyway!  I had a red shade on this lamp, now it is "white"! 

Finally I'm sharing this rolling cart, microwave stand?  I don't know what it was used for originally.  I paid $10 for it and it sits just as I bought it!  I only purchased the baskets from Garden Ridge (do you have a Garden Ridge?).  The baskets are great for "hiding" mail & stuff.  I also put a few cook books on the bottom shelf.  And of course other "stuff" on top.

So there you have it!  I too shop frugally and I too LOVE Goodwill!


Lynn said...

Great finds. We have a Rescue Mission and Salvation Army in town. I love them both for thrifting. Like you, I don’t need anything. I do like to shop so it’s better to spend less and come home with a treasure than tempt myself with a trip to the mall when I crave a shopping urge. Those days even chocolate doesn’t satisfy. I NEED to shop!

Maggie Perez said...

Love the first plate it's so cute. You found some great finds I wish I get that lucky one day! Happy Fall ~Maggie~