Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The "Bird" Pillow!

After putting up the Christmas decorations and trying to remember where the everyday stuff went, I noticed that I had a "theme" kinda going on in my living room. Bird shillouettes and bird cages.  What??  But I liked it!  It started with the purple bird I purchased at HomeGoods on a whim.  Then I noticed I also had a little metal bird cage tea light holder.  After Christmas I found a bird cage at Ross I just HAD to have!  It sits on my coffee table with a smaller bird cage with bird inside of it.  I'll share pics of these items later.
So, I thought I needed to carry the theme into my tiny sitting room.  I decided that 2013 I would use this room more.  It is now where I get online, rather than at the kitchen table.  But I wanted a special pillow for this room to tie in the bird/bird cage thingey. 
I searched all my favorite spots, HomeGoods, Ross, Kirkland, Etsy.  Found SEVERAL at Etsy, but they were pricey.  Then on my 3rd try at Steinmart, I found it! Only $18.99!  And it was RED!  It is perferct for my back when I am on my lap top in my little bitty tv room!


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Suzan Sweatman said...

I have 4 of those pillows - white - with black birds and get so many compliments on them!!!
Loving the red :)