Friday, March 01, 2013

I'm DOWN 12.4 lbs!!!!

Woo Hoo!  I've lost 12.4 lbs since I started Weight Watchers in January.
To celebrate I took Babe to BURGER KING for dinner tonight!  :)

While he had some Texas Whopper something or other, I had a Whopper Jr., no cheese, no mayo with extra tomatos and onions!  I also had a "cup" of diet Minute Maid lemonade.  It was DELICIOUS!  I even had about 6 of his fries!  I love Whoppers and had not had one for 6 months at least!  Burger King closed all of their restaurants in Fort Worth several years ago, only to open on right before Christmas in my neighborhood!  YIKES right before I joined WW!
So in celebration of my success, I decided to have it MY way!!!  And I still stayed within my points for the day! 
And yes, a Whopper Jr. is only $1.29!!!!
Watch out there now!!

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