Saturday, February 23, 2013

Can't He SEE That?

Today I decided to change the towel holder in my master bath.  I say master only because it is in my bedroom.  It is no big deal.  Just "my" bathroom.  Anyway, I bought a inexpensive white bathroom towel set that included towel holder, toilet paper holder and a round circle towel holder.

My goal today was to change only the towel holder.

I removed the towel holder that was installed.  I thought, good!  This will be easy, peasy, cover girl!  No such luck!  The holes did not match and I would need help!
I called my Babe and asked if I could use his drill (I have one, but....)
He asked why, I told him. 
Over he came to save the day!!  He immediately took over while I left the room.  When I returned...Ta Dah! Done!
But can't he SEE that it is not straight??  What to do, what to say??  I said, "Thank you Babe"!!!  What would I do without you!"  And proceded to clean up and rehang hand towels!  :)

He asked if I wanted him to install the other items, No, not today Babe!  The ladies are coming over this evening and I have to clean!

          I need to change that outlet cover; I just won't look at it much today. It will bug me to death! Hopefully no one will notice! Gone to clean house!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my DH can't for the life of himself see straight either. I just try to adjust. Cute post. Hugs, Marty