Monday, February 09, 2015

Enclosed Mini Blinds

Saturday night was like most others.  I was on my ipad mini reviewing post on our neighborhood's NEXT DOOR page feed, when I read this:

"I have a ton of clear glass, decorative glass and glass with blinds in between the panes for exterior doors. I also have retractable screens for patio doors. Various sizes and styles. All at affordable prices. Feel free to message me for prices. I will sell the glass/screens alone or install it for you."

So I emailed the poster, asked lots of questions, like price, references, brands, colors, all the questions you ask when responding to a post online.  After conducting more online research I made an appointment for Sunday afternoon.

This is how my patio door looked Saturday night:

After the installer arrived, it was determined my metal door was smaller than the size he had!Bummer! No Problem he said!  I can make it fit!  So he did!

First he had to remove the door:

Then he did this!


And yes, I LOVE it!  These had been on my "too do" list, so I was thrilled to get them!  The brand is  ODL

Does your neighborhood belong to this wonderful site?  If not, check it out here - NEXTDOOR

If you decide join, please use this code showing I referred you - and we will both get a $25 Amazon gift card!  

NextDoor is an excellent way to communicate with your neighbors and with surrounding neighborhoods! You may even find great deals like I did.  This person does excellent work and I will be using him again!  His fee for EVERYTHING was very, very reasonable and affordable including installation and making the size adjustment! 

Next - Those retractable screen doors maybe?  


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Libby said...

Wow! These blinds look great! I never had a door like that because of all the glass, but now with these blinds that wouldn't be a problem. Nextdoor sounds like a wonderful network.