Monday, March 09, 2015

Like New Drip Bowls!

Saturday I started on my Spring Cleaning with my electric range. I made two trips to Home Depot to purchase new drip bowls. Neither set fit! Will have to go BACK tomorrow to return the 2nd set! 

Grrr!  Mine were FILTHY!!!

Never fear!  PINTEREST is here!

I went on Pinterest and found this!  It worked like a CHARM!! All four look brand new now!!  

Only need baking soda, a pan and boiling water! 

Read all about it here! THIS REALLY Works! Click!


NOTE:  These are not my photos!  They are from the above website Living Cheap and Happy: The Road To Debt-Free


Libby said...

Wow. Those drip pans look great! I need to do this too. Good luck on all your spring cleaning.

Lee J said...

Thanks Libby! I would have taken pictures of mine, but did not plan to do a post! After doing this I had to share! Who knew! It REALLY works!

Brandi said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! So glad to know it works.